Bookshelf Fun

I’ve been having a fun time redecorating my bookshelf – adding in pretty things and fitting my craft supplies in nice looking storage. Here’s a peek:

Yes, that is a cookie jar in the shape of a beehive. Great wedding present.

And here is the detail for my honey homage section.

Vintage honey jar, honey pot and honey from our wedding. Oh, and my favorite homemaking/crafting books!


Cheese Update


Pressing is done, and the cheese is on to the next step.¬† Now it will air dry for 2-4 days, then we’ll dip it in wax, and put it into our wine cooler/cheese cellar to age for at least one month.

What kind of cheese should we try next (this was a Farmhouse Cheddar)?

A Day full of Cheese & Errands

Now that we’re down to one car (Peter’s car is not worth repairing) I can’t as easily run errands. So Saturday became errand day!

Here’s the run down of our successes:

– Safeway: $34.92 of coins turned into an Amazon gift card and free food grade buckets. I can’t believe Peter had collected that many coins! There were 1,087 pennies!

– Oroweat Outlet: $1 English muffins. If you have not been, go.

– Macy’s: Broken shoes returned. New ones¬†acquired.Vital when your husband only has one pair of workable shoes to begin with.

– Hobby Lobby: Say what!? Here? Yes, it is true. I got a few craft supplies (got out of there for less than $20) and I almost lost Peter to the science/hobby section.

– Costco: A couple gallons of milk for cheese making. More on that in a bit.

Seattle Restaurant Supply: Another food grade bucket for honey. And we saw that they have nice woks for only $15. We will be back!

We also picked up apples from a friend. Applesauce making is in our near future.

Now for the very important part of this post CHEESE MAKING! Yes, after months of waiting Peter finally got his cheese press, and it is beautiful. He spent most of the late afternoon and evening slaving away at this cheddar cheese while I attempted to reorganize our one storage space in our tiny apartment.

Once he has pressed the cheese for 12 hours it will go into our new wine fridge. Yes, wine fridge. One of the big dilemas with making hard cheese was not having a place to store it for months at an even temperature. So my genius husband realized that a wine fridge was the answer and I found us one on Craigslist for $20. Success. It also fits underneath another piece of furniture – so important when in a small space. Now to figure out where this large cheese press is going when it is not in the middle of our kitchen…

Also, my husband reads directions for cheese as if it is a graphic adventure/spy novel. Just thought the world should know that.


Though the one bad thing in having kitchen adventures till late into the night? It doesn’t seem to end up as clean as it started! Well, that will be for tomorrow.